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Cardano Price May Plunge to $0.32: Bearish Divergence Confirmed

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• Cardano’s price is closer to a breakout but may not reach the higher target as bearish clouds have compressed the price largely.
• Investors may expect a plunge in the next few hours that may drive the prices close to $0.32 certifying the ongoing bearish trend.
• A daily close beyond $0.4 may save the rally from falling into a deep bearish well that may invalidate the bearish thesis.

Cardano Price Analysis

Bearish Clouds Compress Price

The crypto markets are shrinking slowly with top tokens maintaining a consolidated descending trend and impacting Cardano’s (ADA) performance, which had just surged beyond resistance of $0.38. Failing to rise beyond $0.4 could lead to a price drop and test lower crucial levels around $0.32 in coming days due to ADA’s 6 month price trend indicating possibility of a bearish reversal soon.

RSI Produces Lower Highs

Price maintained constant higher high formation while momentum indicator, RSI produced lower highs, indicating rally is not backed and hence a trend reversal might be imminent. An uptick in selling volume could cause trade set-up laid out to reach higher targets at $0.46, surpassing $0.4 levels to fail, resulting in prices plunging towards $0.32 level instead of rising higher above 0.4 mark as predicted earlier on charts if daily closing does not happen above 0.4 mark for support purposes for investors who would take off profits instead if no such closure happens leading them towards loss scenario as per analysis through charts..

Expect Bearish Reversal?

Investors expecting bullish reversal should pay attention towards details regarding any surge or fall beyond 0 – 0 4 marks for confirmation of their decisions when it comes to investment plans along with keeping an eye on selling volume increases during any such time periods since surging past 0 – 0 4 marks will save rally from falling into deep bearish well invalidating bears‘ thesis else failing which would lead toward severe losses for investors who would pull out profits already earned previously which could lead toward low return scenarios causing huge losses in terms of investments made by them..

Bearish Divergence Confirmed

Bearish divergence confirmed between RSI & price movements as RSI producing lower highs while price continued its climbing high formation so traders can anticipate bear movement soon if surge doesn’t happen today or tomorrow thus proving theory of market always being unpredictable more often than not leading us towards surprises when it comes down decision making regarding investments related matters..

Where Will Cardano Price Land?

Hence, considering all these factors we can assume that Cardano’s (ADA) price will plunge hard within next 24-48 hours and land somewhere near $0 . 32 confirming ongoing bearish trend however investors should keep an eye on closing daily near or above marks mentioned previously for saving any losses incurred due to decreased trading volumes over long run else they might suffer huge losses due to lack knowledge about market sentiments during times like these where sudden changes occur without prior warnings causing unexpected situations quite frequently..

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