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• The article discusses the importance of learning how to code, and how it can help students become more successful in their careers.
• It outlines the different types of coding languages available today, and why they are important for future success.
• It also highlights the need for coding education in schools and universities, as well as providing resources for those looking to learn coding.

The Importance of Learning How To Code

Learning how to code is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. With technology continually evolving, coding skills are essential for many career paths.

Types of Coding Languages

There are a number of different coding languages available today, such as HTML, JavaScript, Python, and more. Each language has its own particular purpose and can be used to create a wide variety of software applications.

Coding Education in Schools & Universities

More schools and universities are beginning to recognize the importance of teaching coding skills in order to prepare students for future careers. There is an increasing demand for computer science education at all levels.

Resources For Learning Coding

For people interested in learning how to code there are a number of resources available online. There are classes offered by major tech companies such as Google or Apple that teach coding basics; however, there are also free online tutorials that can teach basic programming concepts.



In conclusion, learning how to code is an invaluable skill that is becoming increasingly important. It can open up opportunities for future success and should be taken seriously by students who wish to pursue careers involving technology.


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